Welcome to FLASCC

FLASCC is a service organization for teachers of world languages throughout Santa Clara County and beyond. We provide workshops about methodology, techniques and strategies for teaching second languages, as well as sponsor a weekend language immersion camps for high school students in Spanish and French once a year. FLASCC has a long history of providing support for world language teachers and promoting the study of languages. FLASCC is an affiliate of the California Language Teachers Association (CLTA).

FLASCC, the Foreign Language Association of Santa Clara County, has been a vibrant force in the promotion, teaching, learning and articulation of languages in Santa Clara County and throughout California for more than 50 years. FLASCC was created in 1957, the brain-child of Dr. Oreon Keeslar of the Santa Clara County Office of Education, Jerry Logan of Live Oak High School, and Dr. Boris Gregory of San Jose State University. Thanks to a membership dedicated to providing the most effective, innovative and motivational instruction in languages, FLASCC has consistently been a primary force in developing new ideas for the teaching and promotion of languages.

The activities of FLASCC and its members continue to be as original and varied as the membership itself. We represent teachers of all levels from elementary to university and who teach many different languages. FLASCC strives to provide its members with innovative workshop opportunities on a variety of topics. The bi-annual conferences continue to be a highlight of FLASCC activities, at which we draw on the rich resources of our membership for enlightening presentations that help build communication in the world language classroom. As it has done for over 30 years, FLASCC continues the tradition of weekend language immersion camps which energize teachers and students, and renew our love of language.

During FLASCC’s 50 plus year history, membership has grown steadily to a peak of 300 in 1967, and currently remains fairly consistent at approximately 120 each year. There are many schools in the area which are represented by the entire world language department as members. They share their enthusiasm for FLASCC’s activities and ideals, and encourage their colleagues to participate as well. FLASCC is also known for its service to our state umbrella organization, the California Language Teachers Association (CLTA).  FLASCC has been the local hosts of CLTA conferences in April of 1998 (San Jose) and March of 2007 (Santa Clara), and the March 2011 CLTA conference (Santa Clara).